At Deihimi Engineering, our mission is structural safety at the lowest possible construction cost. To accomplish this, we employ a thoughtful structural design process and work side by side with other consultants to ensure accuracy.
Deihimi Engineering dedicates its full resources to each project from the early conceptual stage to the end of construction in order to provide real time alternate solutions based on the construction field issues or concerns by subcontractors.
We believe in team work, integrity, and innovation. We welcome new solutions that serve our clients with the highest expected quality in structural engineering.
Initially based in the earthquake zone of Southern California, Deihimi Engineering has dealt with high risk factors. We are familiar with local building codes and construction standards and always look forward to studying any new and challenging local jurisdiction requirements.
Our services include but are not limited to mixed-used projects, commercial and residential dwellings, as well as indoor and outdoor home renovations.
We are Insured and licensed in multiple states. Please see our Licenses page for more information.