Our services include, but are not limited to:
  • Engineering analysis and design of the structural roof and floor members and their supporting walls and columns to resist the gravity loads.

  • Engineering analysis and design of the diaphragms and shear walls, moment frames and braced frames to resist the lateral seismic and wind loads.

  • Engineering analysis and design of the foundation system to support the loads imposed by the structure above. Conventional pad and footing system, post tension slab on grade and caisson and grade beam combination are a few methods that we can implement.

  • Engineering analysis and design of concrete and CMU retaining walls to resist the earth lateral pressure.

Materials used in our design:
  • Wood.

  • Concrete.

  • Steel.

  • Masonry.

Building types:
  • Single family tract homes.

  • Single family custom homes.

  • All indoor and outdoor home renovations.

  • Multi family buildings such as assistant living centers and apartments.

  • Commercial buildings such as restaurants or medical offices.

  • Mixed-used buildings.

  • Miscellaneous structures such as landscape gazebos or ticket kiosks.

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